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IPL Skin Rejuvenation

A powerful, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment with Smartpulse technology. It reduces visible signs of premature aging such as, fine lines & wrinkles, sun damage, brown spots, visible veins and discolouration.

Services Price
Face and Neck £95
Chest £125
Hands £70


IPL Hair Removal

By directing Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) energy, the new Venus IPL is a proven method that can significantly reduce the growth of unwanted hair by disabling the hair follicle.

Discounts are available for all courses booked

Services Price
Upper Lip £45
Chin/Jaw Line/Cheeks £50
Hairline £40
Neck £50
Full Face (excluding the neck) £120
Full Face (including the neck) £150
Centre Brow £25
Sideburn £50
Hands and Fingers £40
Underarms £50
1/2 Arms £95
3/4 Arms £120
Full Arms £145
Full Breast £60
Stomach Centre Line £50
Chest or 1/4 Back £95
Stomach or 1/2 Back £140
Full Front or Back £175
Full Front or Back and Shoulder £220
Regular (2cm either side) £50
Extended (including sides and top) £75
Brazilian £110
Hollywood £130
1/2 Leg £160
Full Leg £250


Venus Freeze is non-invasive, safe and a pain-free alternative for:
Anti-Ageing, Wrinkle reduction,
Skin Tightening/circumference reduction,
Cellulite improvement, Body contouring.

Services Price
Full face, Neck, Upper arms, Abdomen, Buttocks, Thighs £95 per area

A course of treatments is recommended for longer lasting results. Each treatment lasting 30-60 minutes depending on area.

Discounts are available on all courses booked.
Please apply within for further details.

Environ Facials


Environ’s pioneering Dual Electro-Sonic Technology sets the benchmark for Professional Skincare Treatments. Low frequency Sonophoresis together with pulsed lontophoresis in combination with Environ’s Professional Skincare formulations, helps deliver more of what skin needs, where it needs it most – making a real lasting difference, for life.

Services Price
Essential Youth Reset
Help soften the appearance of fine lines, sun-damage & sagging skin with this peptide and vitamin-packed treatment for a more youthful appearance
60min / £65
90min / £85
Essential Moisture Boost Help reduce the appearance of fine lines caused by dehydration and promote a more moisturised glow with this intensive treatment featuring hyaluronic acid as the key ingredient. 60min / £65
90min / £85
Essential Comfort Calm
Help sooth and commfort sensitive and irritated skin with this treatment which combines powerful ingredients to leave the skin feeling restored with a healthy-looking appearance.
60min / £65
90min / £85
Essential Radiance Reveal
Help target the signs of sun-damage and pigmentation with this treatment which boosts the skin with the correct combination of ingredients for an even toned, radiant looking appearance.
60min / £65
90min / £85

Environ Facials


revolutionary Dual Electro-Sonic DF Technology, ensuring that yourbprimary skincare concerns are directly addressed. Perfect for when time is limited.

Services Price
Focus-On Filler
This innovative, intense and non-invasive treatment helps to smooth the look of facial lines and restoree a rejuvenated, plumped youthfulness to the skin’s appearance.
30min / £45
Focus-On Frown
This iconic peptide blend in this treatment assists to reduce the appearance of expression and frown lines on the forehead as well as eyes, leaving skin looking more smooth and relaxed.
30min / £45
Focus-On Eye
Combining powerful peptide complexes with hyaluronic acid, this intense treatment promotes a refreshed, hydrated and youthful looking eye area.
30min / £45
Focus-On TextureAn intensive combination of the three Environ Technologies; Dual Electro-Sonic, Cool Peel and Micro-Needling which assists to improve the appearance of mild scarring, revealing smoother, evenly-textured skin. 30min / £45
Focus-On Even ToneThis powerful combination of vitamin A, C and AHA’s assists to improve the appearance of pigmentation irregularities for a more even toned and brighter looking skin. 30min / £45


Environ’s unique Cool Peel Technology is a non-invasive, intelligent skin renewal system developed by Dr Des Fernandes to safely and effectively help refine, revive and brighten the appearance of skin. Experience a real, lasting difference through beautiful science.

Services Price
Youth Renew Cool Peel
This cool peel treatment assists to reduce the appearance of premature ageing, fine lines, sun-damage and an uneven skin complexion. Discover the power of an intelligent skin peel that will leave the skin looking refreshed and vibrantly youthful.
60min / £65
Moisture Boost Cool Peel
Designed to gently peel the skin’s surface and revitalise dry, tired-looking skin to a healthy glow. Suitable to do all year round with no visible peeling or downtime.
60min / £65
Deep Cleansing Cool Peel
This unique method of deep cleansing the skin is gentle yet effective in helping to purify and control the appearance of congestion and breakouts, leaving the skin looking clear, healthy and refreshed.
60min / £65
Bright Recovery Cool Peel
This gentle lactic acid cool peel treatment assists to reduce the appearance of premature aging, fine lines and uneven skin tone as a result of excessive sun exposure.
60min / £65
Blemish Control Cool Peel
This powerful cool peel treatment assists to improve the appearance of blemish-prone, distressed skin helping to unclog pores and remove surface impurities related to problematic skin conditions.
60min / £65
Vibrant-C Cool Peel
A concentrated vitamin C infused peel that is freshly mixed before application to ensure optimal freshness and efficacy. Proven to deliver a healthy-looking, evenly toned appearance as well as improved skinn texture. An excellent chice for sun- damaged pigmented and ageing concerns
45min / £55

Environ Elemis Facials

A luxury line of aromatherapy and plant based products selected specifically to your skin requirements.

Services Price
Express Facial
Cleanse, exfoliate, mask, tone and moisturise.
30min / £30
Prescribed Facial
Selected products specific to your needs, comprising of cleanse, exfoliate, steam, extract, mask, tone and moisturise.
60min / £45
Luxury Facial
A prescribed facial including a relaxing massage and reviving eye care mask.
90min / £55
Back Cleanse
A prescribed deep cleansing steam treatment, including exfoliation, extraction and 10 minute massage.
60min / £53


Waxing is hair removal from the root to leaves your skin with a smooth and silky finish using warm strip wax.

Services Price
Eyebrow Shape £8
Upper lip £7
Chin £8
Full Face £25
Forearm £14
Full arm £18
Underarm £10
Fullback £30
Half leg £20
Half leg (including bikini) £27
Half leg (including Brazilian) £30
Half leg (including Hollywood) £34
Full leg £27
Full leg (including bikini) £34
Full leg (including Brazilian) £39
Full leg (including Hollywood) £44
3/4 leg £23
3/4 leg (including bikini) £29
Upper leg £21
Upper leg (including bikini) £28
Bikini line £12
Extended Bikini line £14
Brazilian £19
Hollywood £24


Please note – skin tests are required 48 hours prior to titning & lifting services.

Services Price
Eyelash tint £13
Eyebrow tint £10
LVL eyelash lift & tint £50

Hands & Feet

During any manicure or pedicure, you receive a relaxing massage of the hands and feet. This helps to improve blood circulation and improves mobility for the joints.

Services Price
Manicure £20
French Manicure £22
Pedicure £30
Shape & re-varnish £12


CND Shellac

The Original Power Polish that provides high-gloss shine for
up to 14 days. Cures under LED light.

Services Price
Hands or Feet £25
Soak off & new set £30
Soak off £10
Pedicure with Gels £40


Ear Piercing

Using the disposable Caflon system to safely and hygienically
pierce your ears. Caflon studs are non-allergenic, sterilised and
blister packed for complete safety.

Services Price
One pair of studs £15

Written consent is required for those under 16 years of age and
they are required to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Body Massage

Using a blend of aromatherapy oils, to help soothe the mind and muscles.

Services Price
Back & Shoulder Massage 30min / £30
Full Body Swedish Massage 60min / £60