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We aim to listen and advise on what your hair needs are by recommending styles which suit you and your lifestyle to help you maintain your style at home.

Extra charge for GHD curls

Services Director Senior Stylist Stylist Junior Stylist
Cut & Blow-Dry £64.50+ £51.50+ £48.50+ £41.50+
Cut & Blow-Dry Medium £67.50+ £56.50+ £51.50+ £43.50+
Cut & Blow-Dry Long £72.50+ £60.50+ £54.50+ £45.50+
Wash and Cut £54.50+ £45.50+ £41.50+ £35.50+
Restyle £78.50+ £67.50+ £61.50+ £51.50+
Blow-Dry £36.50+ £31.50+ £30.50+ £23.50+
Medium Blow-Dry £40.50+ £34.50+ £32.50+ £25.50+
Long Blow-Dry £43.50+ £39.50+ £34.50+ £27.50+
Hair Up £76.50+ £67.50+ £62.50+ £52.50+


Our creativity extends to transforming men’s hairstyles and changing images; we can change a man’s hairstyle no matter how short it is to begin with.

Services Director Senior Stylist Stylist Junior Stylist
Wash, Cut & Finish £35.50+ £33.50+ £31.50+ £23.50+
Head Shave £31.50+ £27.50+ £23.50+ £18.50+
Cut and Colour £65.50+ £58.50+ £53.50+ £44.50+
Beard Trim £12.50+ £12.50+ £12.50+ £12.50+


We allocate the same time for children because it’s important for the whole family to look stylish; children are our future clients so it’s important for them to trust us.

Services Director Senior Stylist Stylist Junior Stylist
Under 10 Years £31.50+ £26.50+ £24.50+ £19.50+
Under 16 Years £45.50+ £39.50+ £34.50+ £27.50+
Young Gents Under 16 £31.50+ £25.50+ £24.50+ £19.50+

Saturdays and late evenings from 6 pm onwards are full price.

Goldwell Colouring

Perfect Performance

TOPCHIC guarantees intense colors full of brilliance in all dimensions.

• 100 % grey coverage – Improved performance for complete variety: from classic N shades, cool NA shades, intense NN shades to premixed Elumenated Naturals. All guaranteed by the Dye Penetration- and Reflects³ System

• ULTIMATE DURABILITY – First cool assortment on the professional hair color market from Goldwell staying cool over time – guaranteed by the innovative CoolProtect Technology.

• EXCELLENT EVENNESS – For beautiful, even color results from regrowth to ends. Guaranteed by the Equalizer System 2.0.

• OPTIMUM GENTLENESS – 100 % performance with no compromise on gentleness – guaranteed by patented Coenzyme Technology & creamy-smooth lotion with IntraLipid.

Services Artistic Colourist Senior Stylist Stylist Junior Stylist
Root Tint £55.50+ £51.50+ £48.50+ £38.50+
Root Tint Ammonia £62.50+ £58.50+ £52.50+ £44.50+
Whole Head Colour £96.50+ £91.00+ £84.50+ £66.50+
Semi Permanent £85.50+ £83.50+ £74.50+ £60.50+
Ombré/ Balayage £145.50+ £136.50+ £132.50+ £125.50+
Few Foils £50.50+ £46.50+ £45.50+ £36.50+
Few Foils and Roots £97.50+ £89.50+ £85.50+ £66.50+
Partial Highlights £64.50+ £60.50+ £53.50+ £42.50+
Partial Highlights and Roots £109.50+ £102.50+ £93.50+ £73.50+
Half Head Highlights £87.50+ £81.50+ £76.50+ £60.50+
Half Head Highlights and Roots £133.50+ £124.50+ £114.50+ £94.50+
Full Head Highlights £108.50+ £98.50+ £86.50+ £73.50+
Full Head Highlights and Roots £151.50+ £141.50+ £126.50+ £100.50+
Full Head Highlights Long £119.50+ £108.50+ £98.50+ £80.50+
Bleach Roots and Toner £98.50+ £92.50+ £87.50+ £73.50+
Toner/Colour Balancing £29.50+ £29.50+ £29.50+ £29.50+
Colour Correction £210.50+ £190.50+ £180.50+ £155.50+

Organic Colouring

Organic colours are a no harsh chemical and ammonia-free colour system which looks after your hair’s condition while giving you fantastic results in coverage and vibrancy, and is designed to work harmoniously with one another and within the optimum pH levels of the hair, to give you beautiful, healthy, shiny hair.

Services Artistic Colourist Senior Technician Stylist Junior Stylist
Root Tint £62.50+ £58.50+ £52.50+ £44.50+
Whole Head Colour £97.50+ £88.50+ £83.50+ £70.50+
Full Head Highlights £116.50+ £107.50+ £97.50+ £81.50+
Half Head Highlights £93.50+ £87.50+ £77.50+ £65.50+
Toner/Colour Balancing £35.50+ £35.50+ £35.50+ £35.50+

Permanent Waving

We permanently wave hair to make hair more manageable, to give more body and to reduce frizz we use gentle lotions which leave hair feeling soft and shiny, we then style your hair for you to manage at home.

Services Senior Technician
Perm Short Hair From £78.50
Perm Long Hair From £89.50
Perm Half Head From £66.50
Spiral Perm From £150.50

Advanced Treatments

From Frustrated to Fabulous

The Kerasilk Control Keratin Treatment and Kerasilk Control De-Frizz
Service provide great solutions for long-lasting transformation of
unmanageable and frizzy hair.
KeraShape Technology. Simply fabulous!

Services Director Senior Stylist Stylist Junior Stylist
Kerasilk Brazilian Blow Dry £170.50+ £162.50+ £152.50+ £126.50+
Damion Hair Straightening System £170.50+ £162.50+ £152.50+ £126.50+


Our luxury hair treatments strengthen, moisturize, and detangle your hair, returning it to its natural pH balance while putting the shine back in so it’s more manageable at home.

Services Prices
Olaplex £31.50
Redken Chemistry Treatment £22.50
Kerasilk Nourishing and Repair Treatment £31.50
Clear Gloss Treatment £35.50
Pure Pigment Colour Conditioning Treatment £30.50
Hair Botox treatment £33.50

Hair extensions


No glue, adhesive or keratin bonds involved so there is no excessive force applied during removal and therefore no damage

Micro ring extensions with high quality Russian hair will last three to four months before requiring maintenance (tightening) due to hair growth, at which point, unlike glued-in extensions 100% of the extension hair can be reused

Can be worn back-to- back so you never have to ever be without your extensions

Services Artistic Colourist
Micro Ring Hair Extensions From £160-800 P.O.A
Tape Hair Extensions From £160-800 P.O.A
Hair Extension Removal £60

Wedding Hair

Services Artistic Colourist
Trial £80.50 per hour
Wedding Day £190.50

Extra charge for hair pieces
Home visits have an extra call out fee per hour and 50% deposit will be required

Prices valid from April 2024.

Home visits have an extra call out fee per hour and 50% deposit will be required.

We are here to listen, advice and look after all your Hair and Beauty needs, we also have all the products used in salon available to purchase to help you maintain your style at home. We are a family friendly salon offering treatments for all ages. We constantly update our knowledge and skills to ensure you receive the best care and service possible.Our prices reflect on the level, experience and qualification of our stylists. We aim to provide a professional and skilful service

All consultations are free of charge. 24 hour notice is required for cancellations or a £10 cancellation fee will be chargeable. A deposit may be required for longer treatments. A skin test is essential 48 hours prior to colouring. Colouring and perming excludes Cut and Blow dry. All prices are a guide and may vary according to hair length or thickness. Credit / debit cards are accepted. Gift vouchers are available. Wheelchair accessible. Parking available.